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IADE – Experiences From The Front

I had the privilege to be invited to give a Master Class at IADE, one of the most renowned design universities in Portugal.


Although I probably had the lowest assistance since I started to publicly speak, It was one of my favourites.

IADE is doing a series of talks to promote Interaction Design in the University. After being invited to contribute to this promotion, I found it irresistible and decided to add my voice to level up our profession to the students.

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WordCamp Porto 2016

Hugo Fernandes @ WordCamp Porto 2016I had the privilege to be invited to speak at the 2016 Porto WordCamp, the biggest WordPress event in Portugal so far. The topic was about my learnings during the last year where I took the role of designing the new Gulbenkian.

After  3 300 commits, more than 300 hours talking with people, more than 100 000 media items and more than 50 000 content items, welcome to the new

It was an immersive journey with lots of do’s and dont’s, now shared with this talk. Called “The life of a big project“, it intends to alert to some points so you, as a listener, can learn and improve the way you sell, manage and build a project as complex as this one.

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dxd talks

dxd talks 2016

First time ever at Faculdade de Belas-Artes (Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon) in Lisbon. I had the privilege to be invited to give a talk in the second edition of the dxd talks, and boy did I liked it.

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WordCamp Europe – Video

So here it is. My talk at WordCamp Europe. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it.

Books to Enhance your Creativity


After a very successful talk in the 2014 WordCamp Europe I got a lot of request for reading recommendations about creativity. Instead of anwsering to each one of you individually I decided to group all the info into one post so more people can benefit from it.

So, here are some of the books that I really recommend:

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